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Frequently Asked Questions

The current times are on our Contact page.

The current times are on our Contact page.


Is there also a golf club on Texel?
Is a ‘GVB’ golf ability licence required to play on the main course?

Yes, you need a GVB to play on the main course, but not on the small one.
At weekends you may only use the course with a handicap of 36 or less.

How long in advance can I book a starting slot?

You can book a starting slot well before your arrival. And you can do it up to the day itself depending on availability.

Bookings can be made through this website or by phone on 0222-316539.

Are there any dress rules?

Yes, in principle we ask that our guests are dressed neatly and sportively. We prefer no jeans. Golf shoes are mandatory on the main course, but not on the driving range and small course.

What golf shoes are permitted?

On the main and small course golf shoes with hard and soft spikes are permitted. On the main course golf shoes are mandatory.

What clothing should I wear during an introductory golf lesson?

You can turn up in normal leisure clothing. Ideally please don’t wear shoes with a heel.

Could I hire golf equipment locally?

You can hire all shorts of equipment in the golf shop, but no footwear. You can however buy footwear locally.

Can trolleys also be hired?

Yes you can hire a trolley from the golf shop.

For information see the Charges page.

Can I also hire a handycart?

Yes you can hire a clubcar or handycart from the golf shop.

For information see the Charges page.

Am I entitled to any discounts on the green fees?

Yes, as a guest of De Krim Texel you can enjoy a 30% discount on the green fees.

The discount only applies to the normal green-fee tariffs. Promotional tariffs such as ‘early bird’ or ‘twilight’ are excluded.


Dogs are welcome in our clubhouse, but you cannot take your dog with you on the course!

Where can I spend the night?

See the ‘Golf holidays’ page for the various options.

I can’t play golf yet but I would like to try it.

One possibility is to take an introductory golf lesson.

For more information see the page ‘Getting started with golf’

I would like to play golf with a group of associates; what are the options?

On the page ‘Golfing with a group’ you will find more information about golf clinics and programmes for groups on the golf course.

The ferry to Texel

What time do the ferries leave Den Helder for Texel?
Departures from Den Helder are every hour from 6.30 to 21.30 (6.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.). The crossing takes around 20 minutes. The service starts one or two hours later on Sundays and holidays, depending on the season. See

How much is the crossing?
On you can indicate the vehicle you are travelling in and the people, and the ticket module will calculate how much it will cost.

When returning on the ferry, do I have to buy another ticket?
No, you always buy a return ticket (or ‘round-trip’) when going from Den Helder to Texel.

Information about public transport to and on Texel

You will travel to Den Helder railway station.

From Den Helder railway station a Connexxion bus will take you to the ferry terminal.

On Texel you can use the Texelhopper.

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