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De Krim
Hole - 4

In 1969, 28 determined residents of Eierland and De Cocksdorp took the bold decision to run a planned site for ‘camp and tent houses’ themselves as a holiday park.

They came together in the home of Dr Siebinga, who had already conducted hundreds of births and brought De Krim into the world. The golf course is now an important part of Holiday Park De Krim, the pride of the Cocksdorpers.

To the right of the hole are the holiday guests, whose gardens are sometimes visited by golf balls when winds are unfavourable for the golfers. Between fairway and gardens lies a wide ditch, the fear of every right-handed slicer.

The trick to playing a par 5 is the length and daring to take risks! For the better players these are the holes to improve their scores, and strangely enough novice golfers find these the most difficult holes. Why? The only degree of difficulty on a par 5 is the length, while direction is important on every hole. Looking up at the distances from the tee-box forces the swing and increases the chance of misses or shots going wide! Think ahead and strategically, make your plan for each hole, certainly for the par 5. Try to keep the ball on the fairway, so take a club that offers certainty. An iron is the sensible way to go! For the better player, the challenge is to reach the green in two strokes: driver from the tee and the second shot with a metalwood 3 from the fairway; then two more putts for a birdie on your card. Watch out for the water on the right, which can cost strokes, and play your drive on the left side of the fairway.
The third or fourth shot is often played from the fairway bunker to the green. You have to play this approach high, so PW or SW up to the first downhill slope at the front of the green. Note where the pin is and take the slope into account!
The downhill slope is well-known. This green is also one of the biggest so don’t hit the ball short with your approach. The right-rear side is uphill, so the low part of the green is bowl-shaped.
Turn left from the dune. Long-hitters can get to the green in two. Don’t go too far with the approach. Behind the green is high rough and there’s water at the left-rear.
De Krim

Voor je aan hole 4 gaat beginnen:
denk om al die vakantiegezinnen.
Door jouw hook of slice
vliegt – surprise, oh surprise! –
jouw golfbal hun slaapkamer binnen.

Jan Heemskerk
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