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Krom Rèèggie
Hole - 3

The first dog-leg of the course and a great opportunity to introduce visitors to the Texel dialect, kept alive by a number of passionate Texel people.

The right dune is the curved back of the hole, or, in Texel, the curved ‘rèèg’, which according to the proverb (sèèggie) you should straighten out in difficult conditions. 

Even before the curved ‘rèèggie’, two small dunes cause problems here. Stay away from the hazards on the right, then par is certainly possible on this not-too-long hole.

The club to start with here is at least the metalwood 3 or the driver to reach the green in two or three strokes. The tee-box is located in the direction of the right dune where most players end up. This often takes at least two strokes. Set your initial level to the middle of the fairway. If you have more length on your drive than 200 metres, with windless weather it’s possible to play over the top of the right dune and hit the fairway after the dog-leg. You will then have the most perfect location for an open shot to the green! Conclusion: know what kind of drive you are going to play and line up well!
The approach to the green of hole 3 seems simple but is one of the most difficult strokes of the course. Over the green you will find water with a path in front of it which always costs you a stroke. To the left is a grass bunker with a deep pit which makes it almost impossible to address for a good chip, and right in front of the green is the hill with deep rough! So it’s difficult to play on the pin; try to use the green as the goal and to achieve a two-putt as the score there. This green also has lots of small hills that are treacherous. Because the green is high with a lot of relief, it’s wise to chip with a 9 or a pitching wedge.
The hill or slope in the middle of the green is very treacherous and difficult to read. The most important thing is to know that it’s downhill to the middle of the green and the outer edge slopes downwards. This green is often a little quicker than the first two holes.
It’s wise here just to follow the fairway, although many metres can be gained with a solid stroke over the sandy beach.
Krom Rèèggie

Een klein beetje ‘skeef’ en dan leggie
precies op de bult van het rèèggie.
Voor je áán gaat leggen
moet je eerst ‘effies rèègge’.
Aldus luidt het Tesselse sèèggie.

Jan Heemskerk
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