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A good round starts with good preparation. Every hole on De Texelse is unique, which is also reflected in Jan van Heemskerk’s unique names and special limericks. Below you can read more about the ‘story’ behind it all, the specifications and the pin positions, and our golf pro Jan van Wijk offers you special tips! Our tip? Read them all!

Local rules

  • Out of bounds: the other side of the water surrounding the course, or indicated by white poles (Rule 27-1).
  • Shell trails, adjacent trees and remote marker poles are considered as a fixed obstacle and may be avoided in accordance with Rule 24-2.
  • Land under treatment (GUR in its Dutch acronym) is indicated by blue poles or blue lines. In case of Obstruction (Rule 25-1a) by GUR, the Obstruction must be avoided in accordance with Rule 25-1b.
  • If a ball ends up in the water hazard of holes 5 or 6, or if it is known or is practically certain that a ball which cannot be found is in it, the player may:
    - Play in accordance with Rule 26-1, or
    - Drop a ball in the dropping zone (DZ) with one penalty stroke.

Please replace turf, repair pitch-marks and rake bunkers!

De Krim
De Krim — Hart voor Texel