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A good round starts with good preparation. Every hole on De Texelse is unique, which is also reflected in Jan van Heemskerk’s unique names and special limericks. Below you can read more about the ‘story’ behind it all, the specifications and the pin positions, and our golf pro Jan van Wijk offers you special tips! Our tip? Read them all!

Local rules: 
- "Out of bounds" (Out of bounds) is the opposite side of the water bounding the course or indicated by white posts. Acting in accordance with rule 18.2 (1 penalty stroke)
- Shell paths, staked trees and distance marker posts are considered fixed obstacles from which avoidance without penalty is permitted according to Rule 16.1 
- Ground in progress (GUR) is indicated by blue posts or blue lines. In case of obstruction (Rule 16.1.a) by GUR, the obstruction must be dodged according to Rule 16.1f/ 16.1b. Violation of the rule means the general penalty.
- If a ball is in the obstruction behind the green of hole 5 or 6, or if it is known or practically certain, that a ball not found has come to rest in the obstruction the player has the following options with 1 penalty stroke:
- Dodge under rule 17.1
- As an additional option, the player may drop the original ball or another ball in the dropping zone DZ, as referred to in Rule 14.3
- The area to the right of holes 1 and 8 is out of bounds and may not be entered. This is indicated by white posts with green heads. The area must be dodged as per Rule 18.2.

Distance markers: 
- 100 metre and 150 metre posts to the centre of the green
- On sprinklers to the front of the green

Please put back plags, repair pitchmarks & rake bunkers!

De Krim
De Krim — Hart voor Texel